In addition to campus media and internship projects, I have submitted freelance works for outside publications. My article for The Ramona Sentinel shares the story of Ramona women and their experiences with human trafficking overseas. I also wrote an editorial for YMI about the way God gave me new insight about his generosity during my lifeguarding experiences at the Biola pool. My piece for Fathom Magazine discusses how I learned to separate light from shadows during my photojournalism classes. My latest article, published on Old Cove Road, is about how I overcame my fear of never being good enough for myself or other people.

Two women share experiences with overseas trafficking

Brenda Herr and Casie Germonto recently returned from a trip to Thailand and Cambodia with XP Missions, a group seeking to end human trafficking. The group included people from different countries with a passion for raising awareness about human trafficking and helping victims of sex slavery in other countries.

How A Hot Cup of Cocoa Pointed Me to God

The morning breeze mercilessly blew above the walls and enveloped any brave soul standing in its path on a frigid, December morning at dawn's break. Woolen parkas, hats, sweatpants, mittens, and fur-lined boots obscured our frail figures as my coworker McKenna and I kept our eyes glued on the swimmers gliding through the water.